What is a Meme?


What is a meme? A meme is a virally transmitted photo that is decorated with a text message that pokes fun at a social sign or social concept.

Most of the contemporary memes are captioned pictures that are intended to be amusing, often as a method to publicly mock human habits. Other memes can be video clips and also verbal expressions. Some memes have larger as well as a lot more thoughtful content.

The world of memes is significant for two reasons: it is an around the world social sensation, and memes behave like a mass of transmittable influenza, traveling from one person to another rapidly via social media sites.

Based on Cecil Adams of StraightDope.com, the idea of memes “is either truly deep or really, really noticeable.”

Humor Meme Examples 

  • TMIMITW (the most interesting man in the world): From a Dos Equis beer commercial.
  • Leonardo Dicaprio: The famous shot from The Great Gatsby of toasting, well, almost anything.
  • Lolcats: A pet lover’s creation.
  • Tell Me More: Comic Gene Wilder slyly mocking someone’s knowledge
  • Hey Girl: A take on actor Ryan Gosling’s potential as the perfect boyfriend — sometimes he’s saying “Thank you” sometimes he’s just telling you what day of the week it is.

Shock Meme Examples 

what is a meme mean

Some internet memes are also about shock-value and drama: 

Urban Myth Meme Examples 

what is a memer

Some memes are urban myths that proclaim some kind of life lesson:

Social Meme Examples

what's a meme

A few internet memes are about deeper philosophical content or social commentary:

Conversational Meme Examples

what is a meme

In some cases, a meme achieves notoriety as a conversational expression:

Who Uses Memes?

Most of the memes are transmitted by millennials. That’s because the age is hyper connected as well as enamored with social media sites. The ordinary age of meme individuals is enhancing, though, as Generation X as well as Baby Boomer, people find the home entertainment enjoyable of spreading memes to their spreads.

Who (Kind of) Invented Memes?

The word meme” was first presented by the biologist, Richard Dawkins, in 1976 and it’s coming from the Greek word mimema which according to American Heritage Dictionary means “something imitated”.

Dawkins defined memes as a being a kind of social breeding, which is a method for people to transmit social memories as well as cultural ideas between each other.

How Memes Become Popular

Social media, by sheer merit of its instant interaction, is just how we currently spread out contemporary memes to each other’s inboxes. A YouTube video of Rick Astley, a data attachment with a Stars Wars Kid flick, an email trademark with a Chuck Norris quote– these are a few instances of modern meme signs as well as culture dispersing with online media. Facebook , Instagram, and Twitter, obviously, remain to lead the pack for promptly viral memes.

The bulk of net memes will certainly remain to be wit and also shock-value interests, as these grab people’s focus more quickly than deeper meme material. However, as users come to be much more advanced in their thinking, expect memes to come to be considerably much more intellectual and philosophical while referencing less-sophisticated pop-culture icons such as Spongebob. On second thought …


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