See Why Aliens Should Think Twice Before Visiting Us


Have you ever wondered how would aliens react upon visiting us ? Well, considering how hard humans can be sometimes, even to themselves, they will most likely be surprised or maybe terrified? If we think about it, humans eat pretty much anything that moves, from bats to little monkeys. Perhaps Aliens might be scared of being human’s next meal.

Back in 1950 Italian physicist Enrico Fermi has asked the world “where is everybody?” which later became as Fermi Paradox. Now, considering that aliens and extraterrestrial life it’s likely to exist, why none of them has actually contacted us?

Well, here are just few of the reasons, and we hope you will enjoy.


that's why aliens won't visit us


this is why aliens won't visit us


That's why aliens won't visit humans


this is why aliens won't visit us



aliens won't visit earth



this is the reason aliens won't visit us


that's why aliens won't visit humans


tumblr aliens won't visit us


see why aliens should think twice before visiting us

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