Pixie and Brutus Comics That Will Make Your Day Better


Pixie and Brutus is a comic about a little, cheerful, energised kitten called Pixie which is not only innocent but somehow unaware of the hazardous things around her. Brutus is a big scar-faced German Shepherd who was adopted by Pixie’s owner after he served as a Military Working Dog. Brutus is actually the opposite of Pixie, he had been through a lot during his life. He is an extremely serious as well as intimidating army dog, however he has a soft spot for Pixie, and does what he can to safeguard her from the rough world that we live in.

Who is the author?

Ben Hed is an artist based in Minnesota, who makes different types of comics and funnies about pets. He said that the idea came randomly while he was at work. As a pet lover he thought that it will be funny to introduce a little kitten to a big scary army dog who then will make a really lovely duo.

More about Ben Hed on his Instagram

Here are our top 6 favorite adventures:

#1: Pixie meets Brutus for the first time.

#2: Brutus showing Pixie how to defend herself.br

#3: Pixie is getting ready for Halloween one month early.

#4: With Brutus being new to the house, Pixie decided to show him around.

#5: Getting ready for Halloween.


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