Pensioner Aged 77, Fined For “Playing Pokemon Go” Despite Covid-19 Lockdown


A Spanish citizen aged 77, has been arrested for ‘searching Pokémon’ on the streets of Madrid while the country remains in lockdown in the middle of the coronavirus outbreak.

The unusual news was shared on Twitter by the Policía Municipal de Madrid. Their tweet approximately translated: “Searching #Pokemon, dinosaurs or any other magical animal is PROHIBITED during the Alarm State. Do not make justifications and also #StayatHome #SocialResponsibility #COVID 19.”.

Badly selecting his moment to enjoy some Pokémon Go, the man is not the only one being fined for breaking the quarantine. Only The Policía Municipal de Madrid has released 4,850 complaints as well as restrained 30 people from when Spain proclaimed an Emergency Situation on 14 March untill Sunday, according to TeleMadird. Just on Sunday 22nd of March there were 664 penalties enforced.

Penalties provided for breaching the limitations implemented to avoid the spread of Covid-19 can range from €600 to €30,000 (£550 to £27,600). Very severe occurrences can also lead to custodial sentences – 3 months for disobedience and also 4 years for an assault on authority.

Spain’s lockdown suggests that residents are allowed to leave their homes to travel to and also from work, go to a supermarket, go to the bank, most likely to the pharmacy, or go to care for an elderly or susceptible person. Leaving your home for any other reason might lead to a penalty.

Today Spain has reported 6,600 new cases of Covid-19, bringing the total number of infections to almost 40,000. The death toll in the country jumped by 514 in 24 hours, with the latest figure from today (24 March) 2,696 according to the BBC.

As of today Spain has actually reported 6,600 new cases of the novel coronavirus, bringing the number of infections to nearly 40,000. The casualty in the country jumped by 514 in 1 day, with the most up to date figure from today 24th of March to 2,696 according to the BBC.

Since yesterday, the UK has followed Spain advise and entered lockdown. In a televised address to the country, PM Boris Johnson put the country on lockdown for minimum of three weeks as well as raised police powers to enforce the actions.

People will only be allowed out to:

  • grocery shopping,
  • exercise once a day,
  • for any medical reasons,
  • to help vulnerable people,
  • to travel to and from work only if they can’t work from home.

Meetings of more than two people are prohibited, and you should not have visitors to your home or meet family and friends.

He said: “You should not go to shopping unless it’s for essentials like food and medicine. You should use delivery services as much and where you can.”

“You should not meet any family members that don’t live in your house”


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