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This decade, memes ended up being something not just for a handful of web geeks who prowled on message boards, memes are currently for everybody. Memes are social symbols, suggestions that spread virally, largely with the intent to make people laugh. Here are our best memes of the decade.

1. Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat was an adored house pet from Arizona whose actual name was Tardar Sauce. The feline had a condition called “feline dwarfism”, leaving her with a unique underbite that emitted a sulky face. The kitten became the poster pet cat for mockery and faux negativeness. Thousands of captioned meme images have actually been made utilizing Tardar’s relatively grumpy face. Tardar, who died in 2019, actually was a really delighted and also friendly feline, which makes the mockery memes even richer!

2. U Mad Bro ?

The “U mad bro?” catch phrase is at the same time a meme, conversational expression, as well as form of trolling. This meme apparently started in 2003 when hip-hop artist Cam’ Ron participated in a warmed conversation with talk show host Bill O’Reilly over exactly how his songs influenced children. “U mad brother?” has generated numerous variations of itself, including “umad,” “youmad,” “youmadbro,” and also ‘” uzmad.”.

3. Doge! Much Wow, Such Fun

Doge is a photo meme typically attached to pictures of Shiba Inu dogs, incorporated with the Comic Sans font as well as making use of poor grammar with comical monologue message. Doge even influenced the name of a brand-new kind of digital currency named Dogecoins.

Doge has two usual enunciations: pronounced as dohj or as a rhyme with rogue.

4. Gangnam Style

The tune is memorable, yet it’s the visuals in the video that pushed it to a worldwide hit and also the most viewed YouTube video for several years. It’s a video clip you want to view more than just one time, it’s the type of video you want to reveal it to your friends. The truth that it was by an artist unknown to most individuals beyond South Korea didn’t matter. The collections as well as back-up characters transform constantly, Psy’s style of deadpan significant rapping while resting on an elevator flooring with a man in a cowboy hate gyrating over him is hilarious.

5. Forever Alone

The first appearance of the expression “forever alone. “Azuul’s swollen faced personality has essentially gone extinct, yet the phrase, and extra importantly, the definition behind the phrase, have taken place to specify the core paradox of the internet: We are deeply isolated, yet attached sufficient to each other to sympathize it.

6. Cash Me Ousside Girl

Imagine you’re Dr. Phil. Having helped families and individuals through countless crises on your television show, you’re feeling pretty good about your abilities. There is nothing you, a couch, and a camera can’t fix. Then one day, a 13-year-old Floridian named Danielle Bregoli comes on set and rocks your world. After she calls your audience a bunch of hoes, you repeat the accusation, just making sure you heard right. When she confirms, the audience goes berserk, and Bregoli gets upset. You hear her say “Cash me ousside, howbow dah?” five magical words used to challenge the audience to a fight. The phrase lives on in infamy. And now you, Dr. Phil, are part of one of the decade’s greatest memes.

7. Confused Math Lady

Hence, Confused Math Lady, a meme featuring an actor in a Brazilan soap opera looking confused, spread on Brazilian internet. By 2016, the GIF of the confused woman became a four-panel comic with various math symbols over it, suggesting she’s trying to solve some complex calculus problem. Confused Math Lady is us, trying to understand it all.

8. Gavin

Twitter: @gavinthomas

There’s a good chance you know Gavin’s face even if you don’t know Gavin’s name. It’s sort of incredible to include Gavin Thomas on this list because he was literally born in 2010 at the start of the decade. He first went viral when his uncle Nick Mastodon started putting him in Vines. Gavin really solidified himself as a meme when he turned 5 years old. Suddenly, he was everywhere.

9. Real Housewives

The “Woman Yelling at Cat” meme is actually a hybrid of two memes: a still from a 2011 episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in which Taylor Armstrong is yelling at another Housewife and a 2018 photo of a cat named Smudge looking pretty upset. Each image had gotten some play individually as reaction memes in the past couple of years, but it wasn’t until 2019 that the two joined forces and made meme magic. “These photos together is making me lose it,” tweeted @MISSINGEGIRL, who first combined them. After that, the paired images took off as a meme on Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram, and even inspired a few Halloween costumes. While Smudge and Armstrong have never met in person, Smudge’s owner, Miranda Stillabower, told Business Insider they have been in touch and discussed introducing the two at some point. “If Smudge were able to meet her in person for a photo, I would definitely be interested,” Stillabower said. “However, that would be Smudge’s call.”

10. Crying Jordan

Michael Jordan wept during his 2009 induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame, but it wasn’t until at least 2012 that the still of his face, red-eyed with tears streaming down both cheeks, became a meme. It started with sports fans but soon spread to become an enduring and universal image for faux sadness. Easily one of our favorite memes of the decade.

11. Spider-Man Pointing at Spider-Man

It’s simple: Spider-Man points at another Spider-Man. What’s not to get. It’s us, looking at ourselves.

12. Kermit Sipping Tea Meme: But That’s None of My Business

While the adorable muppet imagery seems innocent enough, this meme allows someone to freely pass judgment on other people for some perceived fault or failing. If you disagree with someone’s life choices or practices, the very meme-able Kermit will do the judging for you.

13. Salt Bae

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There is no need for introduction when it comes to Salt Bae, he is clearly one of the best memes of the decade. A still image of “Salt Bae” tossing on the salt like it’s fairy dust became a meme representing any time we’re being our most extra selves.

14. The Rent Is Too Damn High (Jimmy Mcmillan Memes)

The thing about Jimmy McMillan’s slogan for the 2010 New York gubernatorial campaign is that he’s absolutely correct: The rent is too damn high, and he was accurately predicting the coming housing market crisis in New York City.

15. Ice Bucket Challenge

If you dumped a bucket of ice over your head in summer 2014, it was probably to raise money for ALS research in the Ice Bucket Challenge. The challenge involved participants dousing themselves in ice water on video, then nominating others to either do the same or make a donation to fund ALS research. 

These were only few of the best memes of the decade, let us know if you would like a ‘part 2’ in the comment section.


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