Days Of Isolation Memes (+20pics)


Everyone’s lives have changed over recent weeks as the world is having to respond to unchartered and often frightening circumstances. The number of people infected by coronavirus has nearly reached 1 million (to be precise 962.977 total confirmed cases at the time of writing this article), however, people are not giving up so easy, and we know that one of the ways to fight against this awful virus is humour. Humour is not only making us laugh but helps as to forget at least for a while about these hard times during the days of isolation.

Obviously, laughing during a difficult time like this can seem a bit unusual. And even difficult to do. Yet we shouldn’t be afraid of chuckling during a crisis. It’s for the very best since it helps in reducing stress and anxiety as well as anxiousness.

Day 1 of isolation

Day 2 of isolation

Day 3 of isolation

Day 4 of isolation

Day 5 of isolation

Day 6 of isolation

Day 7 of isolation

Day 8 of isolation

Day 9 of isolation

Day 10 of isolation

Day 11 of isolation

Day 12 of isolation

Day 13 of isolation

Considering that going outside and interacting with people its now nearly impossible, the only way to get our daily humor dose is through online streaming services like Netflix, Youtube etc. Here we’ve put together some more funny ones from people around the world bored during the days of isolation.

Don’t forget to submit any ideas that you may find funny to AwkwardVibes. Let’s share them with everyone and together we’ll go through these hard times that we face.

Be safe, stay at home!

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