The Most 35 DIY Hilarious Protective Equipment People Decided To Wear During Coronavirus Outbreak


The COVID-19 outbreak is a rapidly evolving situation, therefore the health experts have frequently given information and guidance on how to protect ourselves no matter what.

However, some people have gone a little too far. It ends up, there is nothing that can stop some of them from protecting against the virus. Therefore, in the last few weeks, many photos have been posted on the Internet revealing some people’s ideas for DIY protective equipment.

Well, the following pictures are a combination of fashion and foolishness, however, the people could not care less. These shoppers, apparently immune to weird looks, think that is better safe than sorry.

#1. Take that, Covid-19!

#2. When you have to be safe, but at the same time trendy

#3. Meeting your friends be like

#4. Virus or Vampire ? Well, better be safe than sorry

These DIY protection equipment may look a bit bizarre, but the idea itself is not totally unreasonable. As we know, the world is facing a “significant shortage” of medical supplies and PPE (including masks, gloves, gowns, face shields) for the front-line workers.

The World Health Organization officials advised people against buying face masks unless they have Covid-19 symptoms or caring for someone who is sick.

Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, an epidemiologist with the WHO, told CNN at a media briefing that it is important “we prioritize the use of masks for those who need it most,” which would be front-line health care workers.

#5. Coronavirus outbreak or not, you have to be cool. I guess?!

#6. 2 in 1 Product: cleans the dishes and protects against coronavirus

#7. Don’t really know whether they equipped to fight for toilet paper or to protect themselves

#8. Darth Vader, is that you ?

#9. Corona-limes disease

#10. Not sure if she’s protecting against Covid-19 or getting ready for WW3

#11. 2020 Shopping be like

#12. Ordering face masks from

#13. No comment!

#14. Smoking+Covid-19 = ? (Comment down below)

#15. Meanwhile, in East Europe

#16. He’s right, keep 2 m distance!

#17. Mr Trash-bag

#18. Improvise. Adapt. Overcome

#19. Next please!

#20. DIY face mask

#21. Genius, although his dog must be jealous

#22. You gotta’ look after your car as well

#23. Her dog must be so happy

#24. Norton Antivirus Covid-19 Edition

#25. Lego Man

#26. Very Ingenious

#27. How to keep social distancing

#28. Probably the only mask she could find

#29. My Little Pony Edition

#30. Speechless

#31. When you’re running out of supplies

#32. Be safe and stylish at the same time

#33. Meanwhile, in Italy

#31. Dating during the coronavirus outbreak

#35. Fashion at its best

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