Dark Memes: 15 Dank Memes That You Probably Didn’t See Before


For some people normal memes is just not enough. Occasionally you need some inappropriate content that will make you really feel a bit evil. These 15 dark memes will definitely make you feel a “bad guy”. This article is really for those who sees the “glass half empty”, physically unable of “looking on the bright side”, and know that life is just one big disappointment, these dark memes are for you. If you are not a grumpy skeptic with a sense of humor darker than a black hole, you will most likely end up pretty depressed by the end of this article. But if you find yourself offended or it’s simply just too much for you just visit our funny memes page.

#1 Give a man a fish, and you will feed him for a day | Give a man a poisoned fish and you will feed him for a lifetime.

#2 Kid named Tionary

#3 When you’re going 90 mph in a school zone and the pre-schoolers are crossing the street | This is where the fun begins.

#4 So, I guess now I have to spread my legs | Why? don’t you have a vase?

#5 African Kid vs Dark Memes.

#6 Mom making a fake profile to see if I’m smoking weed.

#7 Preventable diseases vs unvaccinated child.

#8 When your wife says she is going to see a friend and she starts shaving | Something’s wrong, I can feel it.

#9 Me in my 70’s with alzheimer laughing at memes again.

#10 Baby Yoda Dark Memes

#11 Person who can’t pronounce the letter R | Dark Memes


#13 Cyanide and Happiness | Dark Memes

#14 Our aim is to erase all disabled people by December 2020. | Conservatives

#15 Spiderman getting ready to lose uncle ben a 4th time. | Dark Memes

Let us know if you enjoyed them and stay tuned for part 2.


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